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BBC News: Deadly attack on north Kenya bus
Saturday 22nd November 2014
Click for live BBC News. Great Photo Copyright Barbara Walsh

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Live BBC News for Gloucestershire

Killing 'was act of self defence'

A man accused of murdering his friend during an argument, tells a jury he acted in self defence.

Vibixa workers stage closure protest

Employees hold a demonstration against plans to close a factory which makes cardboard boxes for Weetabix.

Train firm's lost teddy campaign

A train firm starts a campaign to help reunite children with their lost teddy bears in time for Christmas.

Retiring Bishop's 'painful' goodbye

In a letter to mark his retirement, the Bishop of Gloucester speaks of his "distressing" and "painful" last days in office.

Clubber died from ecstasy overdose

A coroner describes illegal drug manufacturers as "a heinous blot on our civilisation" at the inquest into the death of a clubber in Manchester.

Mum 'begged' police to arrest killer

A mother says she begged police to arrest her son the day before he killed his ex-girlfriend.

VIDEO: Old GCHQ building demolition begins

Work has started to demolish an iconic building on the old GCHQ site at Oakley in Cheltenham.

More police cleared over murder probe

Nine police officers, including Gloucestershire's chief constable, Suzette Davenport, will face no criminal charges over the investigation into the death of a man shot in an "execution-style" killing.